Some things I think I think

Roy Halladay will win the NL Cy Young award.  And I think he’ll do it with about 25 wins, and depending on a great deal of things, I think he might flirt with 30.  Flirt, not get, but flirting is still an accomplishment too.

He just moved into the weakest division in the time zone after leaving the most difficult on the planet.  And he had the misfortune of being on the worst team in that division so he never had an easy opponent to pitch against.  The number three team in that division went to the World Series a couple of years ago.

At least now he can pitch against the Mets (they’re not any good), the Braves (a solid team but destined to be an also-ran), Marlins (young and talented, but not ready) and the Nationals (do I need to qualify?).

Joe Mauer will re-sign with the Twins.  For far less than the astronomical figures that have been thrown around. 

He could command A-Rod money.  But A-Rod doesn’t even deserve A-Rod money.  Ghandi doesn’t deserve that kind of cash.  But Joe is from Minnesota, loves where he is, and is the Cal Ripken Junior of his era.  Cal was a local kid who played his whole career with the Orioles–and as fate would have it, Mauer shares the same agent that Cal did.

I’m not saying he’s going to play for league minimum, but he isn’t going to back up the Brinks truck, either.  I see a seven year deal in the neighbor hood of about $112 million.  A giant contract, but nothing that is too ridiculous considering he’s got more batting titles than every other American League Catcher, combined.

And if he signs a boat load of money with one of those teams from the AL East, he’d end up being a pariah in his homestate–not something I think he would risk.

The Yankees will not win the World Series. 

No real argument to be made, I just think other squads have a better chance and easier road to do it.

One last big name will get popped for using ‘roids.

If it’s Pujols I’m never watching baseball again.

And finally, and this is more of a prayer than something I think.

Dontrelle Willis will begin to throw strikes again.





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