Things I thought I thought

I posted this a while back, my preseason predictions of sorts and, it would seem, while Nostradamus I’m not, I wasn’t exactly that far off, either.  

My first bold prediction was that Roy Halladay would win the Cy Young award.  Though the prediction in and of itself wasn’t too bold–you could easily make that prediction every year until he retires and have decent odds at being right–but I made some qualifiers.  I said he do it with 25 wins and flirt with 30.
Well, I might get one out of three right.  I think he is going to win the Cy Young award.  21 wins, leading the league, 9 complete games (again, leading the league), ERA under 2.50, and the perfect game (even if it was one of two[ish] thrown this season) probably means the award is his.  He didn’t do it with 25 wins, and didn’t flirt with 30.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I will probably be right about him winning it.  
I also said that I figured that Joe Mauer would stay in Minnesota and for a reasonably smaller tag than was being thrown around prior to his signing.  
I was half right.  He did stay in Minnesota, but for my proclamation that he’d do it for far less than A-Rod money, I’ll admit, I missed.
23 million per year for eight years might not be the 27 million A-Rod gets, but it isn’t exactly Francisco Cervelli money, either.  
I also said that the Yankees wouldn’t win the World Series and, as of this writing, they still haven’t yet.  I can still be right on that one.
I also said there would be one more big name getting popped for the juice, but, thankfully, I was proven wrong on that one, too.  
And then there was my prediction (prayer) that Dontrelle Willis would start throwing strikes again…
If he did, it was for the beer league he’s pitching for in Florida right now.
— RM

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