Seems like something I wrote a few weeks back might be avoided.  Troy Tulowitzki, its rumored, is about to sign an extension, while still having three years left on his current deal, which keeps him under Rockies’ control until 2020.

I don’t know that I’ve been more thrilled to see an extension signing (whether its official or not yet) since I caught Miguel Cabrera’s extension signing a few years ago while vacationing with my family.
This contract is good for everyone; the Rockies, Tulo, and baseball.  
An AP-driven article discussing the ramifications of this deal (I don’t care if the byline says Buster Olney and/or Keith Law contributed, it was a straight AP release) and mentioned that he is the heir apparent to Derek Jeter.
I might agree with that to a certain extent, but draw a line at this: he’s never won a championship.
But that’s really a moot point right now.  
As hard as it is for me to even say this, being a staunch supporter of Jeter and idolizing him most of my adolescence, but Jeter had some great teams helping him win championships in the late 90’s.  
Paul O’Neil, Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, Andy Pettitte, David Cone, the list can goes on.
Tulowitzki’s supporting cast?  
And aging Todd Helton, Matt Holiday (for a season), Jeff Francis, Yorvit Torrealba, Carlos Gonzalez…
Pretty much apples and oranges really.
But other than that he is the heir apparent to take over as the spokesperson for Major League Baseball and the face of the game.
He is the premiere short stop and probably the best player in either league and deserves to get paid like it.
By comparison, his seven year deal averages just a shade under 20 million per year, compared to Jeter’s ten year deal which averaged just under 19 million a season–probably not by accident, either–which makes sense.
As a player Tulowitzki does everything Jeter does and does it better.  He hits for average, for power (a lot more power than Jeter ever did), can run, and actually deserves three more gold gloves than he’s actually got.
More though is that this is good for baseball.  Seeing Tulowitzki playing for Colorado for the next nine years, just like seeing Joe Mauer playing in Minnesota for the next decade, is a good thing.  
Being from Santa Clara, it wouldn’t have been hard to see him signing with the Giants or even the Athletics (though a more distant possibility given the Athletic’s aversion to spending money), but it wouldn’t have seemed right.
No less right than it would be seeing Jeter playing anywhere but the Bronx or Mauer anywhere but Minneapolis.
Though this isn’t exactly a discount offered by Tulowitzki or his representation, especially considering the kind of discount Evan Longoria gave the Rays a few years ago, 19 million is nothing to shake a stick at.  The money he could have commanded on the open market?  The thought is absurd.
You can probably start guessing at 25 million average annual salary and go from there.
If he stays healthy up to his extension kicking in it will be a more discounted price for sure, but even if he doesn’t its still saving the Rockies’ money in the long run.
I feared that Jeter was going to be the last guy who played for one team his whole career (and lately I’m wondering if he’s even gonna do that), but with Mauer essentially guaranteeing his career will end in Minnesota and now Tulowitzki looks like he’ll do the same.
His contract runs out when he’s 36 and if recent history is evidence of anything its that careers aren’t what they used to be after 36.


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