Gonzo is Gone-zo

First I’m slightly upset that piece I wrote about Troy Tulowitzki signing with the Rockies a few days ago somehow managed not to get published.  I’ll sum up what I would consider a nice piece of journalism that rambled for a few hundred words with this: that signing is good for baseball.  

Now some stuff that isn’t good for baseball:  Adrian Gonzalez is heading to Boston for a trio of minor leaguers and a guy-to-be-named.
And Larry Lucchino called the Yankees the Evil Empire.  Seems like the Pot and the Kettle to me.
Adrian Gonzalez, had he played east in Chicago or New York or Boston would be the face of the game and a household product.  
Yet he is still regularly unmentioned when discussing the premiere players in either league.
And now he’s going to be calling Massachusetts home for the foreseeable future.
And this is what is wrong with baseball.
Now I don’t know what the financial situation is in San Diego, though I’m sure its more stable than that of the Dodgers in Los Angeles, but this is just stupid.
Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, right?  I think this was the time to do that with the Padres and they missed the opportunity.
Prospects is all they got back.  Prospects.
Many a GM have lost their jobs betting on Prospects.
And now the Red Sox have the best first baseman in the league not named Albert Pujols.
But I got news for you: the Sox didn’t miss the playoffs because they didn’t score enough runs.  The missed the playoffs because they gave up too many.
But it doesn’t matter anyway.  There is very little difference between the Sox and the team in the Bronx.  Overspend and make additions that aren’t necessary are hallmarks of the franchise.
And the Padres get some prospects that aren’t going to make a difference for two seasons at best.
They were one game from the playoffs.  Add a bat or two and they probably make the playoffs.
Instead the Padres continue their perpetual state of rebuilding.
Hardly seems like a good idea to me.
But then again I watch baseball, I don’t run a team.

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