Werth it..?

Jayson Werth, that is.

And the answer is unequivocally no.
I wrote before about Werth’s worth being inflated by a number of things, not the least of which being hype, and seeing his deal at $126 million at seven years is about as absurd a business move as I’ve ever seen.
Never mind that he isn’t worth the 7 years (he’s gonna be 32 in May) or the $126 million (a guy with less than 700 career hits is hardly worth $18 million a season), but what are the Nationals doing forking over that kind of money?
I mean, the Yankees are expected to pour copious amounts of money and over pay for stars moving into their twilight years, but the Nationals?
Are they trying to make up for missing out on Mark Teixeira a few winters ago?  
I mean this is the Nationals, right?
The team that lost 93 games and finished fifth in their division.  
I get that they said good-bye to their second best offensive player in Adam Dunn, but this is ridiculous.  I’ve spoken at length why Werth isn’t worth a contract of that nature so it doesn’t require any more time, but that the Nationals are forking out this kind of money is so absurd I can’t just let it go.
Forgetting that they screwed up the market so bad rival executives are shedding pounds sweating thinking about what they’ll have to shell out for, say, Carl Crawford.
A guy who is three years younger, far more established, and twice the player.
Is $25 million a season over ten years an impossibility? 
It probably was two days ago, but it isn’t now.  
But the Nationals.  They can’t pitch.  And with the comments the new GM of the Diamondbacks made about pitching winning championships it would seem that not all of MLB’s teams are heeding the advice. 
And it looks like the Nationals are just flat out ignoring it.
Granted, in their defense, there isn’t much in the way of pitching available (after Cliff Lee) on this market.
But gimme a break.
Jason Werth isn’t going to move that team into anything better than a fourth place finish for the length of his deal.
Bryce Harper can’t drink legally yet and won’t be an impact player until probably the third year of the Werth deal (his age 35 season an probably the middle of his decline).  Stephen Strasburg will be a non-issue until 2012 at the earliest and there is no guarantee he’ll be the Strasburg he was before the surgery.  Ryan Zimmerman will still be the premiere third baseman in baseball, but he doesn’t pitch.
The rest of their lineup consists of journeymen and reclamation projects–and none of which pitch.
And the ultimate what-is-going-on-here moment is this: Washington won’t even lost their draft pick for signing a type-A free agent.  Because it will be the third in the draft and is therefore protected.
Until they can get somebody to throw the ball and keep their ERA under 5.00 and not sign their name as Livan Hernandez they can sign all the free agent bats they want.  They still won’t compete against the Phils, Braves, or Marlins.
And now they’ve got a ton of money wrapped up in one player who won’t be the player in his mid thirties that people think he is now.

One comment

  1. alexdureich@yahoo.com


    yer acting like they signed jose guillen. it may have been a poor decision (by a good three years on contract length)…but…


    you do have to display a willingness to spend money in order to attract talent. no? see grienke, zack…demanding a trade cuz he was sick of the losing atmosphere in kc, and saw no end in sight.

    so, they spent too much, for too long…but damn, werth’s not jose guillen. he’s a legitimate major league hitter, with a good work ethic, and a good clubhouse presence, by all accounts.

    that’s someone you overpay for…isn’t it?

    and yah…zimmerman alone won’t take them too far…neither will werth. but combine them with that kid shortstop they’ve got…and strasburg (sure no guarantees, but TJ ain’t all that any more) and that other kid pitcher they’ve got, jordan something…and you’ve got the good building blocks in place to…well, not win…but become relatively competetive in the next year and a half…

    that’s a bad deal? with MLB absolutely swimming in ******* cash? cmon now, man…

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