Money, Money, and MONEY

Not that any of us didn’t already know that signings were about the money and absolutely nothing else, and if you didn’t know it feel free to click on this link here over and over again until you understand why I’m having you click on it.  It will explain everything.  

Then click on this link if you need further explanation.
So, according to Jerry Crasnick’s piece, the Texas Rangers asking Cliff Lee what it would take to keep him in Arlington is an “unconventional” way to go about it.  Which seems strange to me.
No matter what posturing happens after the signing happens, this is, in fact, without a doubt, all about the money.
Winning and the Game have naught to do with it.  Zip.  Zilch.  Zero.  
Because if it were about winning the answer to such an “unconventional” approach to negotiating would be simple.  “To keep me in Texas, sir, I need a commitment to winning,” and the salary would be a moot point.
But due to Lee’s agent’s response regarding the unfathomable way the Rangers are conducting their negotiations winning quite clearly has nothing to do with it.  It’s about years and dollars.
Which is nothing new, or shouldn’t be, at least.  
But look at the strategy the Rangers took, it makes perfect sense to me.  Ask what it would take and see if you can do it.
Simple. No back-and-forths.  No bidding war.  
Years and bucks is all its about.
Now its official and in the news about it.

One comment


    jeezus, ryan. i quit commenting, and u lose ur ******* mind.


    cliff lee left money on the table…in order to go where he wanted to go, an organization he loved that’s been winning the NL east for a few years now, a place his wife and kids loved…

    what the **** do you think you’re talking about, here?

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