About shrtstp360

I’m closer to a fanatic than a journalist.
The closest I came to the world of Buster Olney and Rob Neyer
was an intro to journalism class I took my sophomore year in
college. But I’ve played baseball seemingly since I slid out
of the womb. The doctor said it was a breach, but it was
probably because I hate sliding head-first. Its dangerous.
I’ve followed the Tigers for almost fifteen years, and at age
23 thats a significant portion of my life. I grew up when
Deivi Cruz was the shortstop of the future, and the GM who
will remain nameless signed Bobby Higginson to a deal that
paid him almost ten million bucks annually. And at that time,
ten million bucks was a lot of money. I watched my Tigers set
a record for most losses by an AL team in 2003, and then
watched them make it to the World Series three years later. I
am a baseball purist. I’m not a big fan of the home run, its
overrated. I’d rather have a team full of contact and speed,
than rely on one guy to blast for a win. I hate the DH and
despise astroturf (without it I don’t think Pete Rose
eclipses Ty Cobb). Steroids haven’t totally ruined the game,
yet, but anybody caught should be at the least banned from
the hall of fame and all-star games for life. I have an
opinion on everything and don’t usually have any qualms about
it. And I absolutely love reading about baseball and hearing
different takes on different topics. I mean, to me, it
doesn’t matter what the Mets do, they’ll always be second
fiddle to the Yanks. Anybody who wants to refute I encourage
you to read my blog and comment on it. Have fun and feel free
to contact me any time.