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The Tigers haul…

I must start, first, with a serious round of applause for my friend Jim Gulliver, who the Tigers drafted in the 20th round of this years draft.

What Jimbo went through to get to where he is is epic, Steven Soderbergh-type stuff.
As a senior in high school he suffered a torn ligament in his throwing elbow and spent his entire freshman year at Eastern Michigan rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, watching his teammates play.
About eighteen minutes before his sophomore season was slated to start he tore his ACL during a pickle-drill.  Season lost.
To go from two career-threatening injuries to drafted, by his hometown team no less, is pretty cool.
Congratulations Jimmy, I’m friggin’ proud of you.
As for the rest of the draft…
I think the Tigers made out pretty well.
I won’t go into detail about every guy they took, but I’ll have a look at the first few guys.
Jacob Turner seems like he projects well.  Big and tall righty, hard thrower, the only thing that makes me shake my head is that he was born in the 90s.  My sister was born in the nineties and I remember her crawling around on the carpet in a diaper.
So weird.  
But he looks like he can project well.
Oliver, their second pick, I remember from his issue with the NCAA and his hiring (not hiring?) an agent.  But his heavy duty fastball from the left side looks good.
The other two guys that I liked were Austin Wood and Daniel Fields.
Wood is that guy who threw about fourteen million pitches over thirteen innings for Texas against Boston College.  Gotta like the stones on that guy.
Fields was the best player in Michigan available and, ala Prince Fielder, was hitting dingers at age twelve with a wooden bat while his Dad was the hitting coach for the Tigers.  
Other than that, like most years, it was a crapshoot.  If two of these guys get to the Show than its a successful draft.
I like that it went top-flight pitching heavy, with very few top level position prospects, but those few guys I mentioned earlier I’m impressed with.
It’ll probably be a few years before we know how well this draft went, but I’m pretty certain that the Tigers did better than Washington…